5 Ways to Get Cannabis Into Your Body

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To better help our MMD HOLLYWOOD customers as well as anyone looking to learn more about cannabis we’ve created this series of #CannabisEducation articles for our 21 and over readers.

Recreational cannabis was approved on January 1st, 2018 in California and since the start of the year we’ve seen many new customers interested to learn more about cannabis brands, strains, and ingestion methods.  So to that last point here are 5 ways to get cannabis into your body:

Smoke – Along with eating cannabis, smoking may be the most traditional way to feel the soothing effects of marijuana. Some consumers prefer a water pipe or bong to smoke cannabis buds sometimes referred to as flowers. While others prefer joints and pipes.  An example of an Indica strain that is popular for smoking would be Kush CO OG.  Another option for ingestion is to smoke pre rolls (joint) like a Golani Gold Roll.

Vape – This method heats cannabis to temperatures below its burning point (451°F) which releases potent vapor similar to smoking marijuana without actually burning and creating smoke. Many doctors will suggest vaporizing as a softer alternative to smoking. The flavors or terpenes really come out when vaping and the output from exhaling is minimal. There are disposables and non disposable vapes like Heavy Hitters and Alpine Vape Pen.

Dab – Converting cannabis extracts into wax, shatter, soup, and other dabbale forms means that consumers can get 80-90% THC levels without the additional burning of leaves from smoking marijuana. Concentrates like Honey Vape CBD .5g are great for dabbing as well as Bad Wizard concentrates. You can also check out this instructional video from DabLabTV or read more from us here.

Eat – Today recreational and medicinal clients can find anything from cannabis pop tarts to Killer Goldfish. Not to mention cannabis infused drinks like the Cannabis Quencher and the old favorite, chocolate chip cookies.  In addition to eating consumers can simply take a THC pill like Procanna.

Rub – These come in a variety of forms. Some are moisturizing lotions while others are balms, salves, liniments, or ointments designed to produce hot or cold sensations in addition to other beneficial effects. Big names like Whoopi Goldberg are even in the cannabis ointment game. Rubbing this on allows people to get the CBD and THC directly into their bodies.

There are always going to be new and exciting ways to ingest cannabis so we hope this list has helped with the basics. Please let us know in the comments and/or on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages which method is your favorite to consume cannabis.  #heartofhollywood