Black Tie CBD: Top Products Review in 2022

Looking for a premium CBD product? Look no further than Black Tie CBD. Their products are top-of-the-line and perfect for those looking for the highest-quality CBD oil available. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Black Tie CBD so special and why you should consider giving them a try.

Company Rating

Rating: 4 / 5

Black Tie CBD is a reputable CBD company. If you are looking for a one-stop shop where all your CBD needs are present, then you should turn to Black Tie CBD. The company is transparent and knowledgeable and will not give you any doubts. Black Tie CBD’s website provides you with all the information you need to know about the products and the company, as well as how it can benefit your health and well-being. The only setback is their prices; it’s a bit pricier as compared to the same products of different brands.

Black Tie CBD Details

Source of Hemp

Black Tie CBD oil is made with organic hemp that is grown in the United States. The company uses a CO₂ extraction method to produce their oil, which results in a high-quality product.

Third-Party Testing

All of Black Tie CBD’s products are third-party tested for quality and safety. You can rest assured that their products meet all regulatory standards. For transparency, lab test results are posted on their website. These reports show the product’s potency and presence of any contaminants.

Contact Information

Customers can contact Black Tie CBD via email or by phone. The company’s email address is [email protected], while their phone number is 1-888-702-2285. You can reach them Monday to Friday. And their hours are from 9 am to 5 pm PT.

Pros & Cons

Black Tie CBD has its pros and cons. These are important to know as they can help you come up with a decision whether this is the brand for you or not.


  • High-quality products
  • Highly potent products
  • Free shipping for orders $100 and above
  • Big variety of CBD products
  • Company is transparent


  • Pricey

Top 2022 Product Reviews: Black Tie CBD

1. CBD Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges are perfect for those who are looking for a quick dose of CBD. Black Tie CBD vape cartridges contain 100% liquid CBD distillate. You get 550 mg of CBD for every cartridge. The vape cartridges come in six different flavors:

  • Birthday Cake
  • BlueBerry Afgoo
  • BubbleGum
  • Durban Poison
  • Strawberry Mimosa
  • Unflavored

Aside from the CBD Distillate-infused vape cartridges, you can also choose the one with broad-spectrum CBD. This comes with 600 mg and comes in two flavors, Banana Kush and Grape Ape.

2. CBD Herbal Tablets

Black Tie CBD also has herbal tablets. These are made with decarboxylated and activated hemp oil that is rich in CBD. The tablets come in a pack of 10 or 25, and each tablet contains 34 mg of CBD. This is a good product if you are looking for a convenient way of taking CBD.

3. CBD Pre-Rolls

If you love smoking cannabis, then Black Tie CBD’s pre-rolls are perfect. This product comes in singles, a pack of three and five. It contains 850 and 1000 mg of CBD per pre-roll. The hemp flowers used to make this product is organically grown. You can choose between these flavors:

  • Blueberry Blast
  • Purple Blast
  • Harlequinn

4. CBD Gummies

Black Tie CBD’s CBD gummies are a good way to get your daily dose of CBD. These are made with gelatin and organic sugar. Each has a dose of 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD. These come in different varieties (Daily, Relieve, Stress, Sleep). This also comes in a higher potency of 750 mg per bottle.

The brand also has gummies that contain broad-spectrum CBD — non-THC, so you don’t have to worry about getting high. These contain 250 mg of CBD, giving you 25 mg CBD per gummy. Every bottle has different flavored gummies in pineapple, strawberry, and blue raspberry.

5. CBD Tinctures

If you want a high-concentration CBD tincture, then Black Tie CBD has what you need. It comes in different potencies (300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 5000 mg). These also come in different flavors like orange, lemon, peppermint, and others. This high potency oil can help relieve pain, anxiety, and stress. The brand also has a tincture with broad-spectrum CBD with 600 mg potency and in various flavors as well.

6. CBD Flower

Black Tie CBD offers premium hemp flowers that are organically grown in Colorado. These CBD-rich flowers are made without any pesticides or chemicals that are harmful to your health. This product comes in different strains. It offers different scents as well, like lemon-citrus, cannabis, orange peel, and pine.

7. CBD Topical

This product is specifically made for pain relief. The topical comes with a cooling effect and is perfect for those who are looking for relief from pain like muscle soreness and inflammation. It also has a fast-acting formula that will help you feel better quickly. This is made with full-spectrum CBD and other natural ingredients like Menthol, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Extract, and many others. You can choose from products like patches, gel pens, and massage oil.

Where to Buy Black Tie CBD

You can buy Black Tie CBD products directly from their website. You can also get them on other retail websites, but ordering from the company website is better as it offers free shipping for orders above $100. There are also promotions that you can avail of only from the website.

What’s Black Tie CBD’s Return Policy?

If you are not satisfied with the product, Black Tie CBD offers a 30-day return policy. You can get a full refund or exchange your product for another one. It is just important that the product to be returned is unopened.


1. Will CBD Products Make Me High?

The CBD products will not make you high. The only time you will get high is when the product contains higher amounts of THC. This is why it is important to check on the ingredients of a product before purchasing and using it.

2. Can I Take CBD to Relieve Pain?

Yes. CBD can be effective in relieving certain types of pains. It is good for muscle and joint pains, headaches, and also helps with nerve pain relief. You can also experience fewer migraine attacks when you use the right amount of CBD daily.

3. Can I Use CBD for Anxiety?

Yes. CBD can promote relaxation and help you feel calmer during the day. However, if you have severe anxiety or some other form of mental illness like Posttraumatic stress disorder, it is best to consult your doctor before using CBD products for this purpose.

4. What Should I Do If I Take Too Much of a CBD Product?

Some people may experience feeling high or sleepy when they take more than what their bodies can handle. If this happens, it is best to drink a lot of water and sleep if you are feeling sleepy.

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5. What is the Ideal Dose of CBD?

The dose of CBD you can take will depend on several factors. You have to consider your body weight, the severity of your condition, and how you want the product to help you. It is best to start with a small dose first until you find what’s right for you. Or you can first consult your physician so they can create an ideal dose for you to take.

6. How Long Does it Take for CBD Products to work?

Some people may feel the effects of CBD products right away. However, others may not experience any changes until they’ve been taking it for a while. It is best to continue using the product and assess how you feel after some time has passed.

7. What Are the Side Effects of CBD?

The most common side effect of CBD is drowsiness. This is why it is not advisable to take CBD products if you are going to drive or do any other activities that require your full attention. Other side effects include diarrhea, changes in weight, and dry mouth.

8. Is CBD Safe?

CBD is generally safe for most people to use. However, you have to remember that some side effects may happen. You should also talk with your doctor if you are using other medications, so they can check whether the CBD products will affect them in any way.

9. Can I Take Too Much of a CBD Product?

Some people may experience feeling high or sleepy when they take more than what their bodies can handle. If this happens, it is best to drink a lot of water and rest.

10. Can I Travel With CBD?

Yes. Traveling with CBD is okay if you are traveling within the United States. It is best to check what rules and regulations apply in your destination, so you know whether taking CBD there will be allowed or not.

Black Tie CBD Review: Conclusion

Black Tie CBD is a brand that offers a wide variety of hemp-derived products. It has a product for everyone, which makes it good for gifting as well. Although the price point can be quite high, the quality and potency are worth it. If you are looking to try different CBD products, then this brand will not disappoint you. You can visit their website to see more of their products.



Level Select CBD: A Comprehensive Review 2022

If you are looking for a CBD brand that will allow you to customize your experience, Level Select CBD may be the perfect choice for you. This company offers products with varying levels of CBD so that you can find the right amount for your needs. This review will talk about what makes Level Select CBD unique and how it can help you improve your health.

Total Score

7 / 10

Level Select CBD is based in Colorado, USA, and they are one of those brands that offer customizable CBD products, which makes them stand out amongst their competitors. Their focus is to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent customer service. They have three different product lines of varying strength levels that you can choose from.

Though their website is informative, there are some details that you wish you could find there, like the history of the company or the extraction process they used.

Testing & Quality

Rating: 4 / 5

One thing that makes Level Select CBD stand out is its testing and quality control. The company tests every batch of oil for potency, pesticides, and other contaminants. This attention to detail ensures that you always get a high-quality product. Information about their products is also available on the website, which gives the customers the right to know what is inside the products they are purchasing.

Best of all, the lab test results are all posted on their website. So anyone who wants to see this information can easily find it on their site ready for viewing.

Product Options

Rating: 4 / 5

Level Select CBD has a minimal product selection as compared to other brands. However, their unique line of products made this brand more attractive to many CBD users, especially athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. Each product has its unique benefits to help you decide which one would be best suited for your needs.


Rating: 5 / 5

This brand is well known for its high potencies in its products. If you are looking for a powerful CBD solution, Level Select CBD is worth considering. The products are also vegan and gluten-free, making them ideal for people with dietary restrictions. They have products with potency as high as 5000 mg — perfect for those who need high levels of CBD.

Customer Service

Rating: 4 / 5

The most recommended way to contact customer service is through their email. Though many customers do not prefer it, some say that its customer service is reliable and fast to respond to customer emails.

The company does accept returns. In addition, they offer a money-back guarantee but only on unopened products.

Hemp Source

Rating: 4 / 5

The company sources its hemp from local Colorado farmers. CBD is derived from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant, so it’s important to know that their products are made from high-quality ingredients. However, the method of extraction is not clearly stated on the website.

About the Company

Here’s a closer look at Level Select. These aspects are very important when choosing a company.

Hemp Sourcing

This company sources its hemp from local hemp fields, but its primary source of hemp is from local Colorado farmers. It’s not clear how they go about extracting CBD from the plant; the extraction method is not stated on their website, which leaves some room for improvement. However, the fact that they use high-quality ingredients makes up for this shortfall.

Independent (Third-Party) Testing

Level Select CBD makes sure that every batch of oil is tested for potency, pesticides, and other contaminants. This attention to detail ensures that you always get a high-quality product. You can find this information on their website, which gives customers access to what is inside the products they are purchasing.

What The Company Does Well

This company is well-loved by its customers because of these pros:

  • High potency products
  • Products are vegan and gluten-free
  • Money-back guarantee on unopened products
  • High-quality products
  • Potency options available
  • Athlete-friendly

What the Company Does Poorly

There are also some cons that you can find in this company. These are:

  • Limited product selection
  • The method of extraction is not clearly stated on their website
  • Customer service could be improved upon

Product Reviews: Level Select CBD 2022

Now that you know about the company, here’s a look at their products.

CBD Teas

This product is something that many CBD users like in this brand. It is because this allows them to ingest CBD in a relaxing way. You use these CBD teas the usual way teas are prepared. It contains 15 mg CBD, and each box gives you 18 tea bags. This product is vegan-friendly, and it has zero THC, so you can take this without worrying about failing a drug test. You can choose from flavors Earl Grey, English breakfast, chamomile, or green tea-lemon.

CBD Oil Drops

This product comes in a 60ml bottle, and you can choose from three levels: 1200 mg, 2400 mg, and 5000 mg of CBD. This high potency CBD oil offers better sleep and reduced inflammation and can help with your daily activities by improving mood, reducing anxiety, and relieving pain from your nerves and other body parts. It is perfect for people who need high levels of CBD in their system. The dropper can make it an easy-to-administer product.

CBD Gummies

This product is a great way to take CBD because it offers convenience. Each bottle contains 60 yummy gummies, and each gummy contains 25mg CBD, just enough to give you a good dose of CBD daily. In addition, this product is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It also includes functional ingredients to provide the benefits that the gummies are expected to provide.

Sports Roll-Ons

This product is perfect for athletes. It comes in a 2.5 oz bottle, and it has a cooling menthol effect. You just need to apply this to the areas where you feel pain. The skin will quickly absorb the CBD oil, and it will give you relief from muscle inflammation and soreness, and cramps. Potency options are 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1200nmg.

Sports Cream

This product is perfect for athletes. It comes in a 3 oz tub, and it helps relieve inflammation, muscle soreness, and cramps. This comes in three levels where you can choose the potency you need. You can get 300mg, 600mg, or 1200mg CBD. It also contains Arnica and menthol for a cooling effect. It is perfect to use on the go.

Where to Buy Level Select CBD Products

You can buy these products on their official website. They offer free shipping, and you can return unopened items within 30 days of the delivery date. You need to contact them first before returning any product, so they will send you a prepaid label with instructions on how to complete your return.

CBD Questions: Answered

Still unsure about CBD? See if we answer your questions below.

1. What is the Difference Between CBD and THC?

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids. However, CBD is not psychoactive like THC. This means that it will not get you high. CBD is known for its therapeutic properties, while THC is beneficial but is known for its psychoactive effects. When it comes to their impact, they are very different. CBD is known to have offer pain relief, has anti-anxiety properties, and can help treat epilepsy and other severe mental illnesses like PTSD. On the other hand, THC has psychoactive effects, which means that it will get you high when ingested or smoked. It is also known for its side effects like paranoia and increased appetite.

2. How Much CBD Should I Take?

There is no exact answer to this question. This all depends on the person’s body weight and height. It also depends on the condition that they are treating with CBD. Some people will need more, while others do not need as much CBD in their system. It is best to start with a small dose and then increase it gradually until you find the correct dosage for you.

3. Can I Overdose on CBD?

It is not possible to overdose on CBD. This means that you can safely try different dosages and see what works best for you. Although it is not harmful, taking too much CBD will make you feel sleepy, affecting your daily activities. An excellent way to find the correct dose for you is to start with small amounts and increase them gradually until you find the proper dosage.

4. Can I Take CBD With Other Medications?

There is a chance that CBD may interact with other medications that you are taking. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor before starting any new medication and taking CBD. This is because CBD may increase or decrease the effects of certain medications.

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In Sum: Level Select CBD Comprehensive  Review

Overall, Level Select CBD is a great brand to try. If you want high potency products, then this is the brand that you should take. They have unique products that other brands do not usually offer. Though their pricing is a bit expensive, the quality of their products is worth the price. If you are looking for a brand that provides high-quality CBD products, Level Select CBD could be your go-to choice.



Plain Jane CBD Review – 2022 Products

You might have heard of Plain Jane — it’s one of the more popular brands. This company offers high-quality CBD products at an affordable price. In this review, we will take a closer look at their products and see if they live up to the hype.

Company Rating

4 / 5

Plain Jane CBD has been getting good reviews because of its quality and potency, but it is not the cheapest brand on the market. However, many of its customers do not mind spending more if the product is potent enough to help them.

Plain Jane CBD Details

There’s important information that customers need to know about this company in order to decide if it is the right one to choose.

Source of Hemp

Plain Jane CBD uses hemp grown in the United States. In fact, the company has a partnership with local farmers to ensure the hemp is of the highest quality — everything is carefully harvested and chosen carefully. The CBD is pulled using CO2 extraction.

Third-Party Testing

All of Plain Jane CBD products are third-party tested for potency and purity. The company makes sure its products meet the highest standards before releasing them to the public. You can be sure you’re getting a quality product when you buy from this brand. The tests check for things like pesticides and other contaminants.

Contact Information

Plain Jane CBD is easy to reach. You can contact the company through its website or email. However, there’s no phone number, so you can’t call and speak with a company representative regarding questions or concerns.

Pros & Cons

Just like any other brand, Plain Jane has its pros and cons. It is important for customers to know about these so they can easily decide whether to purchase from the company or not.


  • Third-party tested for potency and purity
  • Uses hemp grown in the US with local farmers
  • The CO₂ extraction method used
  • Free shipping for orders $30 and above
  • High-quality hemp and CBD flowers
  • Good selection of products
  • Company is transparent


  • Only accepts returns of packages that are unopened and unused
  • Short duration for returns
  • No phone number was indicated for customer service

2022 Product Reviews: Plain Jane CBD

Here are the products you can find on the Plain Jane website, with a brief description of each.

1. CBD Flower & Pre-Rolls

The CBD flower and pre-rolls from Plain Jane are some of the best on the market. The flowers have great flavor and are high in CBD, giving them a very potent effect that can help with various medical conditions. Those who prefer smoking will enjoy these. Not all CBD companies offer these products, and Plain Jane has made sure that they offer something worth buying.

2. Capsules

The capsules from Plain Jane CBD are also a good product. They are easy to take because it is in gel form. Their capsules are available in full-spectrum CBD or broad-spectrum CBD, giving customers a variety. Each bottle contains 180 capsules with 25 mg CBD in each capsule. Those who cannot stand ingesting pure oil can use capsules instead.

3. Topicals

Plain Jane CBD topicals are made with natural ingredients and do not contain THC. They have various types of lotions, salves, and balms that can help with different medical conditions. This is great for those who want the benefits of CBD but do not want any THC. These products have varied potencies and scents.

4. Oil

Almost all CBD companies offer tinctures, but with Plain Jane, you can choose from full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. You can also choose from different potencies. The oil is made with organic ingredients and has a great flavor that most people love. It is easy to use and comes in a dropper bottle for your convenience.

5. Vape Carts

The vape carts from Plain Jane CBD are perfect for those who want the convenience of vaping their CBD. These come in different flavors and are made with organic ingredients. The carts have a high CBD content but do not contain any THC. These are easy to use and fit most vape pens.

6. Gummies

Who doesn’t love gummies? The gummies from Plain Jane CBD are perfect for those who want the benefits of CBD in a fun and tasty way. These are also made with organic ingredients and do not contain any THC. They come in mixed berry flavors, and each gummy contains 2 5mg CBD.

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Where to Buy Plain Jane Products?

You can buy Plain Jane CBD products from its website or through various online retailers. There’s a store locator on the website so that you can find the nearest retailer. The company is transparent and lists all ingredients on the website, including how much CBD is in each product. If you want to be sure of what you are ordering and whether it is in stock, it’s best to order from the company website.

What’s Plain Jane’s Return Policy?

The company does not accept returns of opened or used products. For damaged items, you can return them within seven days of receiving the order. The company offers a full refund for the product minus the shipping and handling fees. You can only return products in their original packaging that have not been used.

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Cannabis Questions: Answered

Still unsure? Here are answers to the most-asked questions.

1. Will CBD Make Me High?

No. CBD will not make you high. THC is the part of the cannabis plant that gets people high, whereas CBD does not have a psychoactive effect. It can actually counteract and reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. This means that patients can use CBD products without the high recreational users enjoy.

2. What’s the Difference Between CBD & THC?

The main difference between the two is that CBD is non-psychoactive, and THC is psychoactive. CBD can actually interfere with the binding of THC at the cannabinoid receptors in your brain that cause the high feeling.

Another difference is legality. CBD is legal if it’s from hemp and has less than 0.3% THC. THC is illegal, except in some states.

3. How Much CBD Should I Take?

As with most supplements, start slowly and work your way up to the dose you feel is best for you. Start with 2-5 mg of CBD per day (or as recommended by your healthcare provider) and slowly increase if necessary or as directed by your physician.

4. Does CBD Work for Pain?

CBD can be an effective analgesic (pain reliever). It helps in neuropathic (nerve) pain, which occurs due to damage to the nerves, and can help combat inflammation and can reduce or inhibit inflammation in the body.

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5. Does CBD Work for Anxiety?

CBD works by affecting serotonin (a naturally occurring chemical in our bodies) receptor sites. These are located throughout the brain but are concentrated most heavily in the limbic system. The way that CBD affects these receptors directly influences its anti-anxiety effect on users.

CBD also has an anti-psychotic effect on users and can relieve symptoms related to stress and anxiety, such as irritability and racing thoughts in people with stress disorders like PTSD.

6. Does CBD Work for Sleep?

Research has shown that CBD can improve sleep and reduce REM behavior disorder. REM behavior disorder is a parasomnia disorder – it’s when you act out your dreams, often with violent thrashing or movement during the dream. CBD does this by affecting serotonin receptors in the brain to calm down overactive nerve cells.

With CBD, you get to improve your sleep quality and still feel refreshed and awake the next day. This is unlike many other sleep medications, which keep you asleep but can often leave you feeling drugged and hungover.

7. Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

It is advisable consulting with your veterinarian before giving CBD to your dog. However, CBD is an incredibly safe and well-tolerated compound for humans and has been found to be non-toxic to dogs as well.

You can choose CBD products that are specifically made for dogs to ensure their safety and potency. The dosing recommendations for dogs are typically much smaller than what humans take. A good rule of thumb is to start with one drop, give it an hour (to make sure your dog doesn’t have any adverse reactions), and if all is well, increase it by another drop or two.


Plain Jane CBD is a great company with high-quality products. The customer service is not the best because they do not have a phone number, but its products are worth trying. The company offers a wide variety of products that are made with organic ingredients and do not contain THC. You can buy them through their website or various online retailers. The company also has a store locator on its website. You can join the many others that are enjoying the potencies of their products, especially the flowers and pre-rolls.


Sunsoil CBD: Top Products Review (2022)

Sunsoil CBD is a popular CBD brand that provides products for people with CBD needs. Many customers are happy with their products, and you can see the reviews on the website. Here are some insights into their products.

Total Company Score

Rating 8 / 10

Sunsoil CBD gets an almost perfect score because of its CBD products. The brand ensures that all of its products are made with high-quality hemp grown in Vermont. These factors make Sunsoil CBD worth considering if you are looking for a CBD brand that you can trust.

1) Testing & Quality

Rating 5 / 5

One of the main factors that customers consider is how well a CBD brand tests its products. Sunsoil CBD tests every product they make to ensure that all products are safe. Each one is made with high-quality hemp, and a team of experts regularly tests the products.

2) Product Options

Rating: 4 / 5

Sunsoil CBD offers a variety of products, great for those who want to try out different CBD items. They have tinctures, capsules, and even sprays. However, their product lineup is not as extensive as the other brands.

3) Potency

Rating: 5 / 5

Sunsoil CBD’s products come in different strengths. You can choose from mild to strong, allowing you to select the potency level that suits your needs. Most Sunsoil CBD products have higher strengths, making them a great choice for those who need a lot.

4) Customer Service

Rating: 4 / 5

The customer service is reachable only through email. The lack of a phone number to call has become a letdown for many customers, especially those that need answers or assistance.

The company’s returns policy is strict as well. Returns are only applicable to unopened products.

5) Hemp Source

Rating: 5 / 5

The company website is filled with important information that any customer would want to know. Included is the information on where and how the company sources its hemp, along with the production methods used. The mission, vision, and story of the founders and company are viewable on their website.

About the Company

Hemp Sourcing

Sunsoil CBD sources its hemp from the farms of Vermont in the US. They use organic practices for all parts of production, including growing and extracting. These methods are done to ensure that no harmful chemicals are present in their products. The company also owns and manages its large tracts of land, which grow high-quality, CBD-rich hemp plants.

Independent (Third-Party) Testing

Sunsoil CBD is one of the few companies that have their products independently (third-party) tested. They use a state-of-the-art lab to test for potency, purity, and contaminants. As mentioned earlier, they also employ experts to regularly test their products so that customers can be assured that they are getting only the best quality product. The lab test reports are made public on the website so customers can see the results for themselves.

What The Company Does Well

Sunsoil CBD stands out because of its commitment to making high-quality products. Aside from this, there are still many pros that this brand can offer to its customers. Among these are:

Product Options

Sunsoil CBD has a variety of products that customers can choose from, including tinctures, capsules, and sprays. The selection isn’t great, but it’s enough to meet most people’s needs.


The company offers high potency CBD oil in most of its products — perfect for anyone who needs a high dosage of CBD.

Hemp Source

Sunsoil CBD sources its hemp from the farms of Vermont in the US. They use organic practices for all parts of production, including growing and extracting.


The company makes sure that they only use the most organic ingredients and the best procedures in their products.

Discounts and Promotions

The company offers discounts such as reduced rates, price-offs, and free shipping.


Sunsoil CBD makes all lab test results public on its website. This allows customers to see the potency, purity, and contaminants of the products for themselves. Their website is also informative and gives good details.

What the Company Does Poorly

There are a few areas where Sunsoil CBD could improve. One is the lack of a phone number to contact customer service. Another is the variety of products. It would be nice if more products were added to cover a wider customer base.

Product Reviews: Sunsoil CBD 2022

1. Sunsoil CBD Soft Gels

This product is a best seller and is highly recommended by users alike. The company has received a lot of praises for its CBD-infused soft gels as it makes ingesting CBD a lot easier and more pleasant.

The soft gel capsules come in two potencies (600 mg and 1800 mg), allowing you to choose the best strength for your condition. It also comes in two sizes (30-count and 90-count). This product contains organic hemp and organic coconut oil, is easy to swallow, and does not have an aftertaste or smell. This is best used for targeted pain relief and anxiety.

2. Sunsoil CBD Capsules

This is another popular product from Sunsoil CBD that users praise for its effectiveness. The capsules contain high potency CBD oil and provide different benefits. This product gives you no taste, no odor, and no worries about getting stains on your clothes.

The capsules are available in 30-count and 90-count bottles, and you can choose from 600 mg or 1800 mg potency. These contain organic coconut oil and CBD but do not contain THC. It is safe and an excellent choice for relieving joint and muscle pain, reducing stress and anxiety, or improving overall well-being.

3. Sunsoil CBD Oil Peppermint Spray

The peppermint spray from Sunsoil CBD is one of the most popular choices because of its ease of application. This product also uses organic ingredients to assure the customers that it’s safe for ingestion. Just spray it under your tongue or in your food, and you’re good to go.

The peppermint oil is made of CBD hemp extract, which has no psychoactive effects. It comes in peppermint flavor, so users can enjoy the fresh taste of mint after applying it to their mouths, gums, and joints. It contains hemp extract, fractionated coconut oil, and natural peppermint flavor. Each bottle contains 500 mg CBD potency and comes in an easy-to-carry bottle, so you can always have one wherever you go.

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4. Sunsoil CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil drops are always a favorite, even for other brands. This is the most popular form of CBD product that most users prefer to use. Sunsoil CBD oil drops contain organic ingredients, including their flavorings. You will never have to worry about unnatural tastes as this brand uses all-natural flavors.

These drops come in two potencies (600 mg and 1200 mg), so you can choose the right strength, depending on your condition. This product provides all-day relief from pain and stress including PTSD. It does not have any side effects, so you can take it every day with no risk. The flavors available for this product are cinnamon, citrus, chocolate mint, peppermint, and natural.

5. Sunsoil CBD Coconut Oil

This is the brand’s most popular product because it’s hard to find and has a lot of potential. It contains organic ingredients and flavors and can be consumed in various ways, such as cooking, baking, and even in your coffee. The taste of the coconut oil does not overpower your food or beverage, so you can still enjoy them despite using this product. It also makes a great topical, boosting skin and hair health.

The coconut oil contains high potency CBD oil and comes in a 600 mg CBD strength, letting you enjoy all-day relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. This has all organic ingredients, making it safe even for your pets.

Where Can You Buy Sunsoil CBD Products?

You can purchase Sunsoil CBD products at their official website or trusted online retailers, but if you want to take advantage of the discounts and promotions, it is best to order directly from the company website.

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Shipping & Returns

Customers get free shipping if they order more than $75. All orders will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days, depending on the availability of the items. Customers are allowed refunds or returns for damaged or unsatisfactory products, provided that customers contact their customer support representative within 30 days of purchase.

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Summary: Sunsoil CBD Review

If you are looking for a purely organic brand, then this product could be the right fit for you. Sunsoil CBD products are made from natural ingredients and are lab-tested, so you can enjoy peace of mind. Even though these products are a little pricier than some other brands, the company goes above and beyond expectations.


Garden of Life – Reviewing Their CBD Products in 2022

If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD oil, Garden of Life is worth checking out. They use only organic hemp plants in their products, and all of the ingredients are lab-tested to make sure everything is pure and high-quality. In this Garden of Life CBD review, we’ll take a good look at their products and see if they’re worth trying.

Company Rating

Rating: 4 / 5

Garden of Life CBD has different products to help with various CBD needs. The best thing about this brand is that they only use natural and healthy methods and ingredients. The company aims to provide good quality products that can help improve the wellness of its customers. This is why you can be sure that you are using safe and quality products when you purchase from this company.

Garden of Life CBD Details

Source of Hemp

The company uses US-grown hemp. The products are also certified to be non-GMO and organic.

Third-Party Testing

Products are third-party tested for potency, pesticides, and other contaminants. The tests also check the levels of CBD and THC. However, the lab test reports are not available on their website.

Contact Information

The company has a knowledgeable customer service team that you can contact if you need help. They also give you different ways to contact customer service, such as an online customer service form that you can fill out. If you prefer calling by phone, they also have phone numbers listed on the website for wholesale accounts, product inquiries, and eCommerce orders.

Pros & Cons

Knowing the pros and cons of this brand will help you decide whether they are worth checking out. Here are their pros and cons.


  • Uses organic hemp plants in all products
  • Third-party tested products
  • Offers a knowledgeable customer service team
  • Free shipping for orders above $25
  • Reputable company


  • Does not have international shipping
  • Low potency on most products
  • No vaping products are offered

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2022 Product Reviews: Garden of Life CBD

1. CBD Intensive Recovery Lotion

This product is intended to provide a soothing effect on the skin. It contains organic ingredients that help promote healthier skin. The lotion contains 800 mg CBD per bottle and is made from THC-free whole hemp plant extracts, which will ensure that you will not get high.

You can use this product to help with skin conditions, such as dryness, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. This is also helpful for those who are suffering from joint pain and muscle soreness. You can apply the lotion to areas where you feel discomfort or pain.

2. CBD Cooling Rescue Cream

This cream is made to provide relief from inflammation, redness, and swelling. It also has a cooling sensation that can help soothe the skin. The cream contains 200 mg CBD per bottle.

The ingredients are organic and include wintergreen and eucalyptus. The cream also contains whole hemp plant extracts that ensure a THC-free experience. This product works well for those who are experiencing skin irritation, itchiness, and redness. It is also perfect if you want to help with bruising or healing wounds.

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3. CBD Blemish Spot Mask Cream

This CBD product is intended to help heal skin blemishes. It contains 50 mg of CBD per bottle and is made using organic ingredients, including organic tea tree oil. The product has no parabens, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances. All you get is a natural and organic way of masking blemishes on your skin.

The mask cream has an instant effect as it absorbs impurities from the pores. It also helps in reducing redness and swelling. You can use this cream if you have acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

4. CBD Liquid Drops

This product contains pure CBD and no THC. You can use this as a dietary supplement. It is also perfect for those looking to boost their energy levels and help with stress management.

The liquid drops contain 10 mg, 30 mg, and 50 mg of CBD per bottle and come in different flavors. You can use this product by dropping it under your tongue or mixing it with your food and drinks. The product is also vegan and gluten-free. It is safe to use every day.

5. CBD Soft Gels

These soft gels are another dietary supplement from the company. It contains pure CBD and no THC, so you won’t get high when using this product. Each bottle comes with 30 soft gel capsules, which can last up to a month if you use one per day as recommended by the company.

The soft gel capsules contain 30 mg CBD per serving, along with other flavonoids and fatty acids. These work together to support the immune system and promote a healthy lifestyle. The capsules come in different variants, so you can choose the one that best fits your condition. You can have the Sleep, Relax, Focus, and Inflammatory Response.

6. CBD Gummies

These CBD gummies are a great dietary supplement and come in different flavors. The company recommends taking one or two gummies per day as needed. These are also vegan and gluten-free. This is an easier way of taking CBD instead of vaping or ingesting oils.

Each bottle of CBD gummies contains 10 mg CBD per serving. The ingredients are organic, natural, and non-GMO. You can choose from different options, like the Regular, Inflammatory Response, and Blueberry. The company also has extra strength gummies, which contain 20 mg CBD per gummy. You can choose the best potency for your condition. This product helps in supporting the immune system and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Where to Buy Garden of Life CBD

You can purchase Garden of Life CBD products from their official website. The company also has its products offered in some online retail stores. You can find all the variants and flavors on each platform, but they are more expensive than buying directly from the website.

There are also physical stores that carry the products of this brand. If you are curious whether there is a store near you that you can visit and purchase from, you can use the store locator provided on their website.

What’s Garden of Life CBD’s Return Policy?

Garden of Life CBD offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can have it returned within 30 days from the purchase date.

Cannabinoid Education

1. What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that has become popular because of its many potential health benefits. It is non-psychoactive, so it will not get you high.

2. What Are the Benefits of CBD?

There are many potential benefits of using CBD, including reducing PTSD-related anxiety, relieving pain including nerve pain, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep. CBD can also help with acne, psoriasis, diabetes, cancer, etc.

3. What is THC?

THC is the cannabinoid found in marijuana that’s responsible for the psychoactive effects of the plant. It is what makes you feel high when smoking. It also has health benefits, but many people don’t like its mental effects.

4. What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are fragrant essential oils that are found in plants, and they contribute to the flavor, scent, and color of the plant. Terpenes are also known to have various therapeutic benefits.

5. What is the Difference Between Full-spectrum & Broad-Spectrum CBD?

The main difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD is that the former contains all of the cannabinoids, while the latter only contains a limited amount. Broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC.

6. What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex signaling system that regulates and balances the body. It helps in many different processes like appetite, mood, sleep cycle, pain management, memory, and more.

7. How Safe is CBD?

CBD is generally safe to use. However, it is always best to speak with your doctor before starting any new supplement. There have been few cases of CBD causing adverse effects, but these are mostly due to taking high doses or using products that contain THC.

8. Will I Get High With CBD Products?

You will not get high CBD products if they do not contain large amounts of THC. Some products are full-spectrum and include all of the cannabinoids, including THC, so these may cause you to feel high if used in large doses. It is always best to check with your doctor before using any new supplement, especially when it comes to hemp or cannabis products.

9. Can I Overdose on CBD?

You cannot overdose on CBD. However, it is always best to speak with your doctor before starting any new supplement just to be safe. CBD is generally safe to use, but there may be some interactions with other medications that you are taking.


Garden of Life CBD is considered a reliable company. It has been in the market for quite some time and currently offers different variants that cater to the needs of all its consumers. If you are looking for an alternative way to help with your stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, or chronic pains, then this brand can provide you with what you need.


Full Review of Wyld CBD in 2022

CBD and other cannabinoids have gained popularity in recent years as people discover their many potential benefits. Wyld is a company that specializes in CBD gummies and drinks, but they don’t stop there. In this post, find out all you need to know about each item from Wyld CBD.

Total Score

Rating: 6 / 10

Wyld CBD is a popular CBD brand because of its unique products, like CBD-infused sparkling water and gummies with other cannabinoids. They use only all-natural ingredients and strive to be innovative, making them an appealing brand for many. However, there are just some downsides that are very noticeable but can be improved.

1) Testing & Quality Control

Rating: 5 / 5

Wyld CBD uses third-party laboratories for their lab testing. They claim that they use these labs to keep up with product innovation. Results are posted on the website so customers can see what is in the products.

2) Product Options

Rating: 2 / 5

Wyld CBD has two types of CBD products: sparkling water and gummies. If you enjoy mixing CBD into drinks or prefer the convenience of edibles, Wyld CBD should meet your needs. However, if you want an oil or something different, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

3) Potency

Rating: 4 / 5

The potencies of the products are effective and considered average. Each item is labeled, indicating the amount of CBD in each dose. This allows the user to adjust the amount according to their CBD needs.

4) Customer Service

Rating: 4 / 5

Wyld CBD customer service is reachable only through email. You can use the online form on their website to send a message to their customer service team. They respond quickly and are very helpful in addressing inquiries about the brand’s products.

The brand’s return policy isn’t listed on the website, so contact customer service with any questions or problems.

5) Hemp Source

Rating: 4 / 5

The brand has mentioned its source of hemp on its website but not the extraction method used.

About The Company

Hemp Sourcing

Wyld CBD advertises itself as a company that uses only US-grown organic hemp. The website, however, does not mention the source of the hemp used to make their products.

Independent (Third-Party) Testing

The brand provides lab reports of the products they offer on their website; this is an assurance that their CBD products are safe to use. They can easily check the label for what is in it rather than guessing if there are additives or unwanted substances.

What The Company Does Well

The brand has many pros to offer to its customers. These are:

  • Third-party lab tested
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Good quality products
  • Different flavors to choose from

What The Company Could Improve On

The company can improve on these things:

  • Product options
  • Higher potencies
  • Adding phone number and live chat to reach customer service
  • Improving transparency
  • Offering more discounts, coupons, and promotions

Wyld CBD Product Reviews

1. CBD Gummy Candies With CBN

This candy is packed with 25 mg of CBD and 5 mg of CBN. It is the easiest way to take CBD into your system without the need to vape, smoke, or put oil under your tongue. You can take one to two gummies per day, depending on your dose.

Each pack contains 20 gummy candies. With the CBN content, you can expect a feeling of calmness and relaxation; the CBD helps in fighting insomnia and anxiety. When you feel that you do not want to move, just take a gummy and let it go to work. Elderberry is the only flavor available for this gummy product.

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2. CBD-Infused Sparkling Water

This bubbly drink can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. It may seem simple, but it has a lot of benefits. You can expect a burst of energy when you drink this, which makes it great for workouts and intense physical activity. This product contains 25 mg of CBD per bottle, which means that one bottle should be enough to give you the buzz that you need.

This is available in a 355ml can. It has no THC content, so it doesn’t get you high. The flavors are blackberry, raspberry, blood orange, and lemon. Whether you are at home or on the go, this CBD drink will prove to be a great companion for your busy lifestyle.

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3. CBD Gummy Candies

This is a product that comes in a pack of 20 gummies. Each candy contains 25 mg of CBD, which means that you can take up to two gummies per day, depending on your requirements. The recommended dose for this product is one or two gummies every 8 hours, but make sure to check with your doctor before using it if you have any medical conditions.

For some people, taking CBD is hard because it can taste incredibly bitter. Wyld CBD gummies are a good solution for this problem because they are made with real fruit — you get something that tastes sweet, drowning out the taste of the CBD. There are four flavors available: raspberry, blackberry, huckleberry, and lemon.

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4. CBD Gummy Candies with CBG

These packs come with 20 gummies; you get 10 mg of CBG and 20 mg of CBD in each one. It’s safe to take one or two gummies per day, depending on your need for these cannabinoids.

Individuals who want increased energy levels may benefit from the combination of CBG and CBD. These two cannabinoids work together to prevent fatigue and improve mental clarity. With this, you will be able to finish your day more productively and with a clear mind. Keep your mind focused on what matters most.

Where to Buy Wyld CBD Products

Purchasing Wyld CBD’s products is easy — you just go to their company website. Look for the “Shop” section on the website. If you want to buy these products online, you can do so by purchasing through their website.

Before buying from any company, it’s a good idea to read through the Terms and Conditions, so there are no surprises.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is through USPS priority mail and takes 3 to 5 days, depending on your location. The company doesn’t mention a return policy. If you receive a damaged product, contact the company first before returning it. They will guide you on properly returning your item.

CBD Questions: Answered

1. What Is the Difference Between CBG & CBN?

Both CBG and CBN are cannabinoids, and they share some similar effects. Both have anti-inflammatory properties, neuroprotective abilities, and antibacterial attributes. CBG binds to both cannabinoid receptors but is not psychoactive like THC. It can improve your mood and reduce inflammation, making it a promising treatment for IBS and other health problems. CBN is better for relaxation and pain.

2. What Is the Difference Between CBD & THC?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid like THC or tetrahydrocannabinol but acts differently on the body. It’s impossible to get high from using CBD products unless they have high amounts of THC. These products are illegal in most places, though. The only way to achieve euphoria is to mix it with other psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC.

3. What Is the Difference Between CBD Edibles & CBD Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most beneficial cannabinoids in cannabis. These cannabinoids are responsible for giving marijuana strains and products their therapeutic health benefits. A benefit of using CBD edibles instead of CBD oil is that you will get a longer-lasting effect, sometimes as long as six hours. On the other hand, oil acts quicker but often goes away after a few hours.

4. What Are the Benefits of Using CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles, like other CBD products, can help various conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, stress and depression, anxiety disorder, epilepsy, and more. Edibles are great for people who have difficulty swallowing pills or need a convenient or discreet way to take CBD.

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Summary: Wyld CBD Full Review

Wyld CBD is one of the companies that provide high-quality CBD products, and they offer unique CBD options that most people will enjoy. If you want to try them out, then all you have to do is visit their website. Despite the downsides that this brand has, it still gets a lot of positive reviews. They may have limited options when it comes to products, but as long as customers see results from it, this brand remains reputable and reliable.