CBD for PTSD: How Does It Work?

There are a lot of people going through the condition post-traumatic stress disorder or more commonly known as PTSD. A person with this mental health condition has experienced traumatic events in the past. This has then brought them anxiety, fear, and stress. Some would even go through depression and mental breakdowns. Dealing with the disorder is important to prevent further mental complications in the patient.

Many treatments can be done to resolve PTSD. One of these is taking CBD for PTSD. Though many are still doubtful, there are lots of professionals that suggest this to their PTSD patients. Find out more about whether CBD works.

What are the Different PTSD Symptoms?

Before we can talk about CBD, we should know what the symptoms of PTSD are. The disorder has certain effects on a person’s mental and physical health which is why it may affect their daily lives.

There are two main types of PTSD: acute and chronic types. Acute PTSD affects your mood suddenly after experiencing or witnessing something traumatic. Chronic PTSD, on the other hand, has long-term effects. The symptoms may gradually develop or become worse over time.

The mental health condition usually manifests itself with these physical and psychological effects to a person: depression, insomnia, nightmares, paranoia, isolation from friends and family members, self-harm behavior like substance abuse, feeling of helplessness, and more.

Does CBD for PTSD Really Work?

There is no definite cure for PTSD yet. This is why patients try out treatments that can help them in getting relief. For CBD, this works by helping the patient calm down. It helps in achieving mental clarity which will prevent them from having mental stress and anxiety. Mental clarity also allows them to let them do their usual daily routines without having PTSD disturb their mindset.

CBD will help keep the patient away from thinking about the traumas they have gone through. Aside from this, it also gives the PTSD patient good and quality sleep and rest which are all needed for their healthier mental state.

PTSD will work best when it is used properly. The right dose and time of intake should be considered before lounging yourself in this treatment.

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Different Health Benefits from CBD for PTSD

A person who uses CBD can enjoy health benefits such as:

  • Prevention of seizures
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve mood
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduce nausea
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Promotes calmness and relaxation
  • Promotes mental clarity

How Safe is CBD for PTSD?

Safety is always a concern when taking CBD. The supplement is safe to use as long as it is taken properly. It has no side effects and does not have any known drug interactions so the patient can be sure that they will not experience any complications when using it.

It is then important to consider the dose that you are taking. The CBD dosage must be based on the individual’s weight, height, and age. The proper dose will guarantee a safe and effective way of using CBD.

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How Much CBD for PTSD Should You Take?

If you are unsure of how much CBD you should take, you can go with the smallest dose first. This will allow you to measure the effects before you increase your intake later. You should take the exact amount that is recommended by experts for this type of treatment. The smallest dose will begin to take effect after about 30 minutes and can last for up to 4 hours.

The right amount of CBD dosage may depend on different factors like age, weight, and physical condition. This is why it is recommended to follow the dosage instructions on the package or ask the physician about what dosage regimen would be best for your specific case.

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THC or CBD for PTSD: Which Should You Take?

There can be a lot of products for PTSD that you can find in the market. If you are unaware of what you need, you might get confused with which one to buy. There are PTSD products that contain THC while others have CBD.

Choosing between the two can be complicated, especially if you are not yet familiar with the technicalities behind them. For PTSD patients who have gone through THC treatments in the past, it would be ideal for them to take CBD products that contain no THC at all. This is because pure CBD does not give that “high” feeling that will make the patient uncomfortable. With no THC present, CBD can then work without any issues.

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Which CBD for PTSD Products Will Work Best for You?

If choosing between THC and CBD for PTSD is complicated for you, it can also be confusing on which product to choose for your condition. There are various CBD products that you can choose from. They come in different types, forms, brands, and uses. Different CBD products include:

  • CBD oil for PTSD
  • CBD vape liquid for PTSD
  • CBD edible treats for PTSD
  • CBD pills for PTSD
  • Tinctures (drops)

You can consider the form of the product to help you make a decision on which will work best. Creams, patches, and topicals are also available. You can use these CBD products that you can rub onto your skin.

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In Summary

PTSD is not an easy condition to go through. It is also not easy to treat it and go back to your normal self again. This is why treatment should be taken as soon as possible. CBD for PTSD helps in the treatment of the condition by calming and relaxing the mind and body of the person suffering from PTSD.

In any case, you need CBD, make sure that you grab the best product for yourself. It is also better if you can consult a doctor first so you will know the best way to achieve maximum results from it.

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