Blue Dream CBD Weed Reviews: Strains, Benefits, & Effects

The Blue Dream CBD strain was created from crossing the legendary Blueberry with a Sativa-dominant Haze. This cross gives an individual the best of both worlds. Not to mention, this strain has been used as one of the most popular strains for many years now due to its pure indica content and high effects that can cater to just about anyone.

The Blue Dream was created by Buddha Seeds back in 2003 during the early stages of marijuana legalization. The reason why this strain is so popular today lies in the fact that it provides a cerebral high which can give people an uplifting and creative feeling. This mental effect can help individuals who suffer from depression, chronic stress, and fatigue.

What is the Blue Dream CBD Weed Strain?

The Blue Dream CBD is a cannabis strain that can provide its users with many benefits. One of these benefits includes its ability to help improve an individual’s overall mood. As mentioned above, this strain provides individuals with an uplifting feeling which can be beneficial for those who suffer from depression by providing them with better feelings towards their surrounding environment.

This strain can also be beneficial towards those who suffer from chronic stress, fatigue, and other mental health issues. Those individuals who are looking into medical marijuana treatment should research the benefits that it can provide for their respective conditions.

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The Blue Dream CBD strain tends to have blueberry and nutty taste/smell which can be appealing for many users. If you’re into fruity strains, then this one is definitely for you. You will smell hints of blueberry once you open the jar with this strain in it. On the other hand, if you’re

into tasting your strains then it has a slight taste of blueberry combined with nuts.


The texture of this Blue Dream CBD strain is very dark green and has more of a fluffy feel to it. The buds are pretty dense, but you can break them apart with your hands fairly easily. You will see many orange hairs throughout the nugs which makes them look more attractive for some users. This appearance is appealing for marijuana users who love to smoke.

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Blue Dream CBD Strain Health Effects

The Blue Dream CBD strain has a lot of medicinal effects to offer marijuana users suffering from a variety of medical conditions. These effects include:

  • Relaxed

This blueberry strain is the perfect mixture between Sativa and Indica strains which makes it able to provide its users with an uplifted feeling that is very relaxing. This feeling can help individuals with chronic stress, anxiety, and depressive disorders.

  • Uplifted

As mentioned above, this Blue Dream CBD strain has a Sativa dominant effect which can be beneficial towards those who suffer from fatigue, chronic stress, depression, and other mental health issues. Many people have been able to treat their conditions with this strain because it provides them with a better mood throughout their day.

  • Pain Relief

This Blue Dream CBD strain can help relieve the pain that individuals experience by fighting off mental and physical pains. It can help increase an individual’s energy levels, allowing them to always feel productive and focused throughout their day.

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Possible Side Effects

The Blue Dream CBD is a safe cannabis strain that does not cause any serious side effects. Some of these side effects include:

  • Dry Mouth

This cannabis strain can cause individuals to experience dry mouth towards the end of the day, which can be easily treated by drinking more liquids such as water or soda.

  • Dry Eyes

Since this Blue Dream CBD strain can cause dry mouth, it may also cause dry eyes in some users. These symptoms are easily treatable by using eye drops or Visine.

  • Headaches

Some Blue Dream CBD users have reported experiencing headaches which are usually triggered by the fact that they consumed too much marijuana throughout their day. If you find yourself having these types of symptoms, then try smoking a strain that is more on the indica side to help relax your muscles and provide you with headache relief.

Grow Information on the Blue Dream CBD Strain

When it comes to growing this Blue Dream CBD strain, you will find that it is very simple to do. This strain produces a nice yield and has a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks. Growers who have been successful with the Blue Dream CBD have been able to produce an average yield of 500-600 grams per square meter from this specific strain.

To grow your own Blue Dream CBD, you will need to acquire seeds from a reputable breeder because the yield and effects of this strain can vary based on its genetics. Although it is very simple to grow, there are some additional factors that one may consider before growing their batch of Blue Dream CBD.

Because strains like these can be sensitive to particular types of climates, one of the most important variables to consider is the climate. This Blue Dream CBD strain, for example, loves a warmer climate but has been observed to flourish in a variety of climes, from cooler to warmer. Before deciding to grow Blue Dream CBD, it’s a good idea to think about the strain’s effects and benefits.

CBD and THC Contents of the Blue Dream CBD Strain

To determine whether or not the Blue Dream CBD strain is right for you, you should aim to find out what its CBD and THC levels are. The CBD levels of this Blue Dream CBD strain typically range from 6-15% with 10% being an average number. This means that this specific strain has a nice amount of CBD and can be beneficial to those who suffer from chronic pain, depression, and other conditions.

On the other hand, the THC levels of this strain range from around 15-22% with 20% being an average number. For those seeking a more recreational high, then they should aim to acquire their Blue Dream CBD from strains that have higher THC contents. It is very important to understand these contents before deciding to buy your Blue Dream CBD because it can affect what type of high you will feel.

To Conclude

The Blue Dream CBD strain is the perfect strain for those seeking a more recreational high as well as those who are suffering from chronic pain and depression. This specific cannabis strain provides users with an energetic and uplifting effect that does not cause any serious side effects like dry mouth or headaches.

But you should not forget to consider the right dose before smoking this Blue Dream CBD strain. If you use the wrong dose, you might feel anxious or paranoid which can be dangerous if you are driving or using heavy machinery. So before consuming any Blue Dream CBD, find out what your dosage should be based on your weight and experience with smoking weed.


Lemon Thai Kush Cannabis Strain Review: Effects & Benefits

Lemon Thai Kush is a Hybrid marijuana strain that provides users with an uplifting and euphoric high. This bud has a lot to offer, from its citrusy scent to its sweet taste and smooth smoking experience. It’s no wonder why Lemon Thai Kush is one of the most popular strains out there!

What is the Lemon Thai Kush Strain?

Lemon Thai Kush is not one of the more popular marijuana strains, but it still remains a favorite among those who know about it. Its name alone should be familiar enough for you to figure out where the strain typically hails from. The name says a lot about the appearance and scent of this particular strain, both of which it displays in abundance. The Lemon Thai Kush strain is a hybrid that typically has a 70% Indica to 30% Sativa ratio, but that can fluctuate depending on the growing conditions.

This marijuana strain has been around for quite some time now, with its first documented use being from 2001 when it won third place in an Afghani Cannabis Cup competition. These days, you’ll find it mostly in Dutch coffee shops or alternatively passed hand-to-hand among friends looking to share good cannabis strains from their own collections.

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Lemon Thai Kush Cannabis Strain Taste & Aroma

Lemon Thai Kush is a very citrusy type of smell and taste, as you might expect from its name. Be aware that the aroma is quite strong – if you’re looking for a strain with an earthier scent and flavor, this one might not be right for you.

Lemon Thai Kush Cannabis Strain Appearance

When you initially look at Lemon Thai Kush, you’ll notice that there are many bright orange hairs all throughout. Not only does this strain have bright orange hairs protruding everywhere its buds, but it also has a lot of trichomes!

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Lemon Thai Kush Cannabis THC Content

Lemon Thai Kush is not one of the more potent cannabis strains. You should expect about 14% to 19% THC content with this strain, which means you’ll be feeling a nice relaxing body high without being stuck on the couch if you’re just looking for something laid back.

The upside to Lemon Thai Kush’s lower THC content is that it won’t produce as much of an anxious or paranoid high compared to some other types of marijuana.

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Lemon Thai ​Kush Cannabis Strain Effect

Medicinal Benefits

Lemon Thai Kush can be an efficient strain for pain relief, especially if you find that you’re experiencing chronic pain. If you’re not too keen on morphine or other prescription medications, this marijuana strain could make a great alternative choice for your medication regimen.

Anxiety Relief – This one is really an all-around win in terms of anxiety relief! It’s perfect if you want to relax without the weight of the world coming down on top of you. Smoke enough, and you’ll daydream far away from reality.

Mood-Boosting – Despite Lemon Thai Kush only having small amounts of THC content, it’s still quite good at helping people feel more happy and energetic. This is perfect if you want to do some work or just get up and start your day.

Pain Relief – If you’re experiencing chronic pain, then this could be one of the best marijuana strains for you! It can help soothe away aches and pains while still having a euphoric effect on the mind.

Stress Relief – As already stated, Lemon Thai Kush can have a calming effect on moods. For those who are often nervous or stressed out, using this strain should help calm your nerves without overloading your system with stress hormones anymore!

Side Effects- Keep in mind that since this strain contains only around 18% THC content at most, it’s not going to leave many users reeling from side effects. Instead, you might just feel a little bit sleepy and lazy!

Side Effects

Although the lemon flavor and aromatization of this strain is a great plus in terms of its flavor, it does have a bit of a downside in that it can cause cottonmouth to some users.

Dry Mouth – This is a standard side effect often seen in those who use marijuana strains with lower THC content. Because Lemon Thai Kush falls into this category, you’re likely to experience some degree of dry mouth as well – drink plenty of water!

Dry Eyes – As we said above, the only real experience here would probably be dry eyes. It’s not too serious and can easily be treated with artificial tears if necessary. However, it might make your eyes look red and irritated if left untreated for long periods of time.

Sleepiness/Lethargy – If you take too much of Lemon Thai Kush or just enjoy smoking excessively throughout the day, there’s a good chance that you might feel sleepy and lethargic before long. If this is your experience from using this strain, then you might want to schedule some activities that require a lot of effort for the latter half of the day!

Other – You might also notice that your pupils are slightly dilated when under the influence of this marijuana strain. This could be because it has a low amount of THC content.

Lemon Thai ​Kush Cannabis Strain: Common Dosage

The standard dosage for Lemon Thai Kush is at least one gram of the bud. However, because its THC content isn’t too high, you can consume a bit more if needed to get the full effects of this strain. If you’re concerned about price and wondering how much marijuana actually gives, then we would say that it’s roughly equivalent to around three or four joints.

Lemon Thai ​Kush Cannabis Strain Grow Information

Growing Tips, Processing, and Yield

Growing this marijuana strain is best done indoors but if you live in a climate where the temperature doesn’t drop too low, then growing them outdoors is possible as well. Make sure that you are able to provide enough space for these plants because they can grow up to 8 feet tall!

Lemon Thai Kush weed plants are dioecious which means that it has distinct genders. Since this strain contains high amounts of THC, make sure that you are able to successfully identify the female plants from the males during their early growth stages before they flower because once they begin flowering, identifying them becomes even more difficult.

When growing Lemon Thai kush weed indoors, make sure that you are able to provide it with enough space by placing the plants at least 2 feet away from one another. They need a lot of breathing room!

Once your Lemon Thai Kush weed plants start flowering, make sure to invest in some good quality fertilizer and plant boosters. You should be feeding them these products about halfway through their flowering stage, don’t wait until they’re finished because you may end up overwatering your plants and causing root rot!

Don’t forget to add some more soil nutrients when it comes time for harvest. A good option would be some worm castings or compost, which can help improve the taste of your bud while also giving it an extra boost of nutrient-rich energy for consumers to enjoy!

When harvesting your Lemon Thai Kush weed plants, try to harvest them all at once when they’re about 50% done flowering. This way, you will be able to get the most out of them and won’t leave any buds on the branches that have gone bad.

The lemon thai kush has an average yield, so you should be able to get about a half-pound of bud from every plant!

In closing…

Lemon Thai Kush is great for those who want to keep their mind clear and still experience nice physical relaxation. You can use it during the day and find that your mood remains elevated and stress-free. If you’re looking for a strain that has an uplifting effect along with pain relief properties, then this one could be exactly what you’re looking for!


Purple Afghani Cannabis Strain Review: Effects & Benefits


Purple Afghani Kush is a cannabis strain that produces a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. It has an earthy flavor with hints of pine, cedar, and lemon. The aroma is pungent with notes of spice, grapefruit peel, berries, coffee beans, black pepper, and herbs. This strain can be helpful in treating chronic pain or insomnia due to its sedative effects on the body.

What is the Purple Afghani Kush Cannabis Strain?

Purple Afghani Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It originates from Afghani genetics, which is known to have a sedative effect on the body.

Purple Afghani Kush has incredibly potent effects that can relax you both mentally and physically. This strain is well known to induce feelings of happiness, euphoria, and calmness. It also provides a sense of relaxation, which is perfect for relieving stress. The strain can create an uplifting and euphoric mood while still allowing you to remain focused on the task at hand.

The duration of the high depends on your tolerance level. If you are new to consuming cannabis, expect 30 minutes before feeling any psychoactive sensations. Experienced users will begin to feel the full effects within 15 minutes after consumption. The lasting time will depend on how much you consume at one time and your personal preference for edibles or other types of cannabis products.

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The buds are fairly dense and covered in long orange hairs with hues of purple. The leaves are green with darker orange spots, which gives this strain its name. You can see some crystals on the sugar leaves that stick to the bud because of how sticky they are.


Purple Afghani Kush has a strong earthy smell that is complemented by notes of pine, cedar, lemon, and spices. The taste is similar but also contains hints of grapefruit peel, berries, and coffee beans. Its aroma can be described as spicy with herbal nuances. This strain also emits a pungent odor.


Purple Afghani Kush produces a cloud of smoke that tastes like earth. The taste is very piney with an herbal lemonness to it. It has a spicy taste on the exhale and is slightly sweet as well. The aftertaste is floral.

THC Content

Purple Afghani Kush has high THC content ranging from 17-23%. The onset of the high is very quick, usually taking no longer than 15 minutes to feel any effects. The duration is also fairly short but can last up to 2 hours with proper dosage.

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Purple Afghani Kush Cannabis Strain Effects

Purple Afghani Kush has an incredibly relaxing effect on the body. It is extremely sedative in nature and can help you relieve pain, stress, and muscle tension.

The strain also induces feelings of happiness, euphoria, and calmness that allow you to focus on whatever task is in front of you. Consumers have described this feeling as being “programmable” in the sense that you are able to follow through with your day-to-day tasks without feeling like it’s a drag or work.

You may experience some cerebral effects along with physical relaxation. This means you will feel thoughts slowing down while remaining focused but becoming more creative at the same time.

Medical Benefits

Purple Afghani Kush Cannabis Strain is beneficial to individuals who suffer from chronic pain, stress, depression, and insomnia. Its sedative effects help relax the mind and body, which is perfect for treating aches and pains that may arise or even a lack of focus.

The antidepressant properties in this strain provide a sense of happiness and euphoria that can relieve depressive thoughts as well as give you a new perspective on life. Consumers have also reported feelings of peacefulness after consumption which helps calm you down.

Because of the high THC content, it can increase appetite, which is good for treating nausea and eating disorders.

Side Effects

Although the effects of Purple Afghani Kush are quite pleasant, it does come with side effects. The most common side effect is dry mouth which can be combatted by drinking plenty of water. Other effects like dry eyes and dizziness also occur but should not last long if you drink enough fluids.

The strain can make consumers feel groggy or lazy after consumption, so be sure not to overdo it until you know your tolerance level. Purple Afghani Kush can sometimes cause headaches as well, depending upon each individual’s reaction to this cannabis plant.

Purple Afghani Kush Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Purple Afghani Kush plants grow medium in height and typically flower within nine weeks. It is best to keep these plants indoors when growing them because they will not thrive when exposed to cold temperatures. Outdoors, the yield is average, and the plant does best in a warm climate with full sunlight and rich soil.

The flowering period for Purple Afghani Kush begins after about 6-7 weeks of vegetation if grown indoors. Cultivating this plant can produce 18 ounces per square meter, so it’s important to properly train and manipulate their growth to produce optimal results.

If you do decide to cultivate Purple Afghani Kush outdoors, then be sure that it has plenty of space surrounding it at all times to prevent mold from appearing on your cannabis plants.

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Growing, Processing, and Yield

Purple Afghani Kush has an average yield of 18 ounces per square meter when cultivated indoors. This is also the best strain for beginners to cultivate due to its high yields. You need to be aware that this plant can grow quite tall, so it’s important to give them enough space while still allowing proper ventilation and lighting.

When growing Purple Afghani Kush, you should focus on training and manipulation in order to get optimal results. It isn’t difficult but requires some patience and observation of your cannabis plants before their flowering period begins since there are several techniques that can be used depending upon how you want the product to end up for further processing. If you keep these things in mind, then you’ll have no problem cultivating this weed plant.

In sum,

Purple Afghani Kush Cannabis is a rare strain that packs a punch. Its fragrance, taste, flavor, appearance, and overall benefits make it more perfect for consuming after a long and tiring day. What are your thoughts about the Purple Afghani Kush Cannabis? Let us know in the comment section below.


Snow Lotus Weed Strain Review: Benefits and Effects

Snow Lotus, popularly known as Goohead, is a Bodhi Seeds Indica hybrid. Afgooey and the powerful Blockhead were crossed to create this cannabis strain. Snow Lotus has been found to have a THC concentration of up to 25%. The plant has brown-green leaves with little clustered buds. It has a diesel-like odor when burned and produces a very smooth smoke.

Snow Lotus is a fantastic alternative for daytime use because it has low couch-lock and a strong stimulating effect. It’s a strain that’s used to treat pain and anxiety. This strain’s relaxing benefits are beneficial to people who are depressed. Snow Lotus is best suited to advanced users.

Snow Lotus Strain: What is It?

Snow Lotus is an Indica hybrid cultivated by Bodhi Seeds, a well-known breeder. It’s a mobile, mellow high that comes from crossing the highly resinous Afgooey with the strong Blockhead.

Snow Lotus’ high comes on swiftly, and users report being taken aback by the sudden intoxication. An initial mental focus calms a racing or nervous mind. The strain has a well-rounded high with little couchlock, thanks to a mild body buzz. Despite its high THC content, Snow Lotus aficionados claim that the high is less likely to cause paranoia. This is an appealing alternative for daytime use due to the general energized sensation.

However, looking at its ancestors explains this. Its progenitor, the Indica-leaning Afgooey, provides a mentally stimulating high that promotes happiness and innovative thinking. Meanwhile, the potent Blockhead provides a tremendous body buzz.

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Snow Lotus strain is the perfect complement to its impressive effects. Its buds have a pungent, musky herbal scent that reminds me of incense. It’s accompanied by the pungent scent of damp earth. An intriguing skunky aroma is emitted when the buds are broken up.


Snow Lotus’ smoke has an oddly chemical flavor. Once the flavor is sucked in, though, sweet citrus soon counteracts it. The taste of pine stays in your mouth after you exhale.


Snow Lotus buds are often tiny and crowded. The Afghan lineage shows in the brown-green leaves, which have an ice coating of trichomes. When buds are split up or pulverized, the flowers have an earthy stink and an ammonia sting that becomes stronger. When burned, it emits a gasoline odor, making it a less discreet strain. Snow Lotus’ smoke is quite smooth, despite its diesel-like properties. The taste is flowery and crisp on exhale, almost like hops.

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Snow Lotus Grow Information

Snow Lotus strain is a relatively easy plant to grow thanks to its genes. It has robust and short stalks, as well as strong branches that develop laterally. All of these factors contribute to its resistance to rapid temperature reductions or weather changes, as long as nothing is too dramatic. As a result, newcomers can grow the strain.

Its tiny stature adds to its allure. The plant may easily be grown and propagated inside because it does not take up a lot of room. Snow Lotus should be pruned frequently by aspiring gardeners.

Growing Challenges

However, Bodhi Seeds has only made Snow Lotus seeds available in their conventional form. Growers might use germination techniques like presoaking or planting additional seeds to encourage a higher male to female ratio. Low-Stress Training (LST) will prevent the mature female plant from becoming a hermaphrodite.

Flowering Period

Indoor flowering takes 7 to 9 weeks for Snow Lotus. It produces 10 to 12 ounces of resin-filled buds per square meter when ready to harvest. However, using the Sea of Green technique will result in a higher turnout.

Snow Lotus blooms around the last week of September in most gardens. It can sometimes last until the second or third week of October. Regardless, each plant yields more than 12 ounces of gorgeous buds.

THC Content, and CBD Content

Snow Lotus has 21 – 25% THC content while it only has 0.1% CBD. The little percentage of CBD present in this strain makes it challenging to use in different medical conditions. This is why taking the right dose will help you get the utmost effects that you need from it.

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Medical Benefits

The constant barrage of stress often hastens the onset of depression. It can smother those who are suffering from it with negative ideas and low self-esteem if left untreated. Snow Lotus is quite good at alleviating such problems. Its euphoric high soothes the psyche and alleviates the anxiety that commonly accompanies both problems.

THC levels in Snow Lotus are strong enough to help with a range of bodily ailments. It is a natural pain reliever that relieves a variety of aches and pains, starting with the temples. It also reduces redness and swelling thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Snow Lotus strain can also be used as an appetite stimulant. Because its effects make people hungry, it’s a good strain to use right before a meal. It’s also a viable option for people suffering from restrictive eating disorders who want to reclaim their health.

Adverse Reactions

Cottonmouth is usually invariably the result of eating Snow Lotus. Users are likely to have red eyes as a result of cannabis blocking the generation of moisture in the tear ducts. Neither is a cause for alarm, but if the symptoms linger, a glass of water should suffice.

Some users may feel dizzy for a short period of time. It can create a condition known as ‘greening out,’ in which the chemical components in marijuana overstimulate the senses, generate anxiety, and cause nausea in high dosages. Fortunately, this is an uncommon event. Still, it’s preferable to either quit smoking or cut back on how much you smoke.

Final Thoughts

This strain is a mood enhancer. It should be able to make its users feel light and happy. However, taking it in small amounts will help your body adjust to its effects. As you increase your intake, you can also see which dose will give you the best results.

The Snow Lotus strain can provide benefits to users who abide by the right dose. Keep in mind that this has high THC content. Excessive dose intake will lead to unwanted effects.


Does CBD Oil Work for Tendonitis? Benefits and Dosage

Tendonitis is a common cause of pain in the joints. It causes swelling, inflammation and often makes it difficult for sufferers to walk or use their hands without discomfort. The condition can be caused by sports injuries, arthritis, old age, or work-related stress on tendons that are already damaged from the previous injuries.

If you live with the condition, you know how difficult it is to handle, and the pain can be so bad that even walking a short distance or using your hands for daily activities like making food becomes impossible.

The use of CBD oil for tendonitis is becoming more and more popular due to its ability to reduce inflammation. However, what CBD oil doesn’t offer in prevention, it provides the treatment. As people realize that CBD oil can help with chronic pain management including nerve pain, they also recognize that CBD has many other benefits.

CBD for Tendonitis: How Can it Help?

Pretty much everyone who has tendonitis will be able to tell you how difficult it is to live with the condition and how much pain it causes. Depending on the severity, the pain can vary from intense but manageable to intense and impossible to endure. The worst thing about tendonitis is that it usually takes a long time to heal, and if you do nothing, it usually just gets progressively worse.

The introduction of CBD oil for tendonitis is a new development in the field of natural health. Unlike many other supplements prescribed for ailments, CBD oil can help prevent and treat this painful condition. There are many ways that CBD oil can help with tendonitis, including providing relief from inflammation and increasing flexibility and reducing pain.

Benefits of Choosing CBD Oil for Treating Tendonitis

CBD oil offers a number of benefits to people with the condition.

One of the major benefits that can be found in pain management. While it won’t completely get rid of the pain, CBD oil can relieve some stiffness and soreness, making it easier to move around and exercise.

In addition, there are some natural anti-inflammatory properties in CBD that can reduce swelling, inflammation and ease discomfort from stiffness. This is particularly beneficial for people who have been dealing with tendonitis for years or even their entire lives without relief.

People who choose to use CBD oil will also find that they sleep better at night because there are components in the product that will help them relax and regulate their mood while also reducing anxiety and stress, especially in people with PTSD.

CBD oil for tendonitis is a great way to help with short-term pain relief as well as long-term prevention of the condition.

Tendonitis: What You Need to Know

Tendonitis is a widespread condition that can make it impossible to work or live a normal life.

It’s an inflammatory process that makes the affected joints stiff and immobile, often causing intense pain when moving them. If you have tendonitis, then using CBD oil for treating tendinitis may be something worth looking into.

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons, which are thick fibers that attach muscles to bones.

It can lead to swelling and pain, often making it difficult for people to move their joints properly or even use them at all. Sometimes this condition occurs due to repetitive motions or sports injuries, but sometimes there isn’t a clear cause of the inflammation and pain.

Tendonitis can be very damaging to the body because it limits mobility, reducing the quality of life.

The Kinds of Tendonitis

Tendonitis can be differentiated into several types depending on the location of pain and causes.

The three main kinds that people experience are:

  • Achilles tendinitis

Inflammation in the tendon at the back of your ankle. One common cause for this tendonitis is running or jumping because it puts an immense amount of strain on the tendon.

  • Patellar tendinitis

Inflammation in the patella tendon and can lead to pain when bending or extending your knee. Another common cause of this type of tendonitis is overuse, such as running for an extended period without proper stretching beforehand.

  • Rotator cuff tendonitis

Inflammation in the tendons of your rotator cuff and can cause pain when using your shoulder or turning your head. This type of tendonitis usually occurs from making repetitive motions such as throwing with poor form.

Buying Your Best CBD Product: How To Shop Smart

When shopping for CBD oil, you need to ensure that the product is as natural as possible and made from organic hemp. The best way to shop smart when buying your first CBD supplement is by doing some research before making a purchase.

The simplest way of researching how good a particular brand’s products are would be to look online for reviews from previous customers. Several websites sell CBD oil or other products that have all of their information available on the site, so you know exactly what to expect when buying.

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CBD Oil or Topical: Which Should You Choose?

While CBD oil has several benefits, it’s not the only way to treat tendonitis.

You can purchase topical CBD creams specially made for pain relief and have anti-inflammatory properties without ingesting any oils or taking any supplements orally. This is a great option if you don’t like swallowing pills or don’t want to wait for the effects of CBD oil.

Tendonitis is often caused by overuse, sports injuries, and other physical activities that stress your joints. This can cause inflammation in your tendons leading to pain when moving them.

CBD oils are a great way to help with tendonitis pain in the short term, but if you want something more long-term and preventative, then using topical CBD creams may be a better option for you.

Hemp oil can help with tendonitis by reducing inflammation which leads to less stiffness and more effortless mobility. It’s also great at helping lower any anxiety or stress associated with the condition.

By doing some research and learning more about CBD oil, you can find the best product for your needs to treat tendinitis effectively. You don’t have to suffer from pain when there are many different options available that can help!

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CBD Oil for Tendonitis: Dosage Recommendations

CBD oil is a great way to treat any inflammation and pain, but you have to make sure that you’re taking the proper dosage of CBD for your specific needs.

For tendonitis, it’s recommended that beginners start with 300mg daily taken orally in one total dose or broken up into smaller quantities throughout the day. This is the best way to reduce inflammation and pain associated with tendonitis, but if you have more experience using CBD, you can take up to 1500 mg daily.

It’s important to note that everyone has different needs for CBD oil, so you have to be sure about your dosage before taking any supplements. If you’re not familiar with how much 300mg is, we recommend checking the label on your chosen product and making sure there are at least 30-40mg of cannabinoids per serving.

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The Bottomline

If you’ve been struggling with tendonitis, CBD may be worth a try. It has the potential to reduce the inflammatory response that is causing your pain and discomfort without any side effects or addictive properties.

Though there are not yet enough studies on human subjects, many other people have found relief from their pain by incorporating this non-psychoactive compound into their lifestyle. While it doesn’t work for everyone, its effectiveness rates in animal trials make it worth trying out if nothing else seems to help!

Comment below if you want more information or need guidance about how much CBD should be taken each day based on your weight!


How Does CBD Oil Work for Nerve Pain?

Nerves are the conduits of information from our brain to our body, but when those nerves become damaged or inflamed due to injury or chronic pain, they can cause a variety of symptoms. CBD products have been shown to help with nerve pain and other conditions by preventing inflammation in the nervous system. In this article, we will look at how CBD oil and other CBD products work for nerve pain and discuss some of their different uses them.

What is Nerve Pain? What are its Causes & Symptoms?

Nerve pain is a kind of chronic pain caused by damage to the nerves, spinal cord, or brain. Nerve damage can occur in many different ways: when these structures are injured by trauma such as a car accident, after surgery; when there is pressure on the nerve (pinched nerve); due to an autoimmune disorder like Guillain-Barre syndrome; and in rare cases with certain infections. Symptoms of nerve pain include feelings of numbness or tingling in any part of your body, burning sensations, sharp and stabbing pains that persist for months at a time. Nerve damage often takes longer than most kinds of tissue damage to heal – sometimes it never does!

What are the Benefits of CBD Products for Nerve Pain?

CBD products can help with many kinds of chronic pain, including nerve pain. CBD is a chemical component of marijuana that has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the body. Studies have shown that CBD products decrease inflammation in the brain and spinal cord – making nerve damage less painful. CBD also reduces anxiety, which can prevent some forms of nerve pain brought on by worrying about your condition all the time.

If you live with chronic nerve pain, keep reading to find out what our top 5 best CBD products for nerve pain are!

What are the Other Benefits of CBD Products?

CBD products have many benefits that are unrelated to nerve pain. The most common ones are:

  • Anxiety reduction – Can help treat or prevent panic attacks, PTSD, social phobia, Relief from arthritis symptoms.
  • Reduces joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.
  • Prevention of diabetes symptoms – Can reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics.
  • Treatment of acne – CBD products can be used to moisturize skin and reduce the size of blemishes; this is especially effective for people taking steroids or who have cystic acne.
  • Treatment of psychosis and mental illness – CBD products can help with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other kinds of mental disorders.

Top 3 Best CBD Products for Nerve Pain

CBD Oil (Best choice)

CBD Oil is a great way to get all the benefits of CBD, without the hassle of infusing it into food or inhaling smoke. It is available in many different flavors and takes effect faster than edibles with just as long-lasting effects for chronic nerve pain.


  • Contains all the benefits of CBD, Has all the health benefits of CBD products.
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting.
  • Easy dosing

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CBD Cream (Runner-up)

CBD cream is another great way to get all the benefits of CBD without having to worry about eating an edible or inhaling smoke. Because it’s topical, CBD cream is absorbed through the skin and also has fast-acting effects for pain relief. It doesn’t last quite as long as most edibles but does have a longer duration than topicals with only CBD isolates in them.


  • Great for muscle pain
  • Can be used for other types of chronic pain
  • No psychoactive effects
  • Convenient to use


  • Not as long-lasting as edibles and capsules (but still longer than topicals with CBD isolates)

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CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are great for people who don’t like the taste of CBD oil or want to increase their dosage by using an edible. You can eat as many CBD gummies, candies, or chocolates as you want at once to reach your maximum dose – unlike tinctures which have set doses. Be careful though! CBD edibles take 1-2 hours to kick in so don’t own the entire bottle all at once thinking it’ll work faster than products with CBD isolate.


  • Great for oral health
  • Very convenient and easy to use


  • Takes 1-2 hours to take effect
  • Not as potent as other forms of CBD products because

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Why is CBD Oil our top pick for nerve pain relief?

Not only does CBD oil have all the benefits of other CBD products, but it also has a much longer-lasting effect on nerve pain. The reason why CBD oil is so effective for chronic nerve pain is that when you apply it to your skin and absorb it into your body – it goes into every cell in your body. The molecules in CBD attach themselves to receptors throughout the body which reduce inflammation and pain wherever they are found (Nerves, muscles, joints).

This long-lasting effect means you don’t have to worry about constantly re-applying as you do with creams and topicals – giving an almost indefinite duration!

Do CBD Products have side effects?

CBD products have been shown to have very few possible side effects – especially compared to anti-inflammatories and prescription drugs. The most common ones are:

  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Tiredness/somnolence (feeling sleepy)
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Red, dry eyes
  • Upset stomach/ diarrhea
  • Fatigue

Interactions with medications

CBD oil can affect how other medications work and could possibly reduce their effectiveness. Always talk to your doctor before taking CBD products if you’re on any other medication!

All things considered,

The real best CBD products for nerve pain are those that are effective. We’ve compiled a list of the top five CBD products based on their effectiveness, safety profile, and other factors. Let us know in the comments which kind of product is your favorite or if you’re looking for something different!


CBD for PTSD: How Does It Work?

There are a lot of people going through the condition post-traumatic stress disorder or more commonly known as PTSD. A person with this mental health condition has experienced traumatic events in the past. This has then brought them anxiety, fear, and stress. Some would even go through depression and mental breakdowns. Dealing with the disorder is important to prevent further mental complications in the patient.

Many treatments can be done to resolve PTSD. One of these is taking CBD for PTSD. Though many are still doubtful, there are lots of professionals that suggest this to their PTSD patients. Find out more about whether CBD works.

What are the Different PTSD Symptoms?

Before we can talk about CBD, we should know what the symptoms of PTSD are. The disorder has certain effects on a person’s mental and physical health which is why it may affect their daily lives.

There are two main types of PTSD: acute and chronic types. Acute PTSD affects your mood suddenly after experiencing or witnessing something traumatic. Chronic PTSD, on the other hand, has long-term effects. The symptoms may gradually develop or become worse over time.

The mental health condition usually manifests itself with these physical and psychological effects to a person: depression, insomnia, nightmares, paranoia, isolation from friends and family members, self-harm behavior like substance abuse, feeling of helplessness, and more.

Does CBD for PTSD Really Work?

There is no definite cure for PTSD yet. This is why patients try out treatments that can help them in getting relief. For CBD, this works by helping the patient calm down. It helps in achieving mental clarity which will prevent them from having mental stress and anxiety. Mental clarity also allows them to let them do their usual daily routines without having PTSD disturb their mindset.

CBD will help keep the patient away from thinking about the traumas they have gone through. Aside from this, it also gives the PTSD patient good and quality sleep and rest which are all needed for their healthier mental state.

PTSD will work best when it is used properly. The right dose and time of intake should be considered before lounging yourself in this treatment.

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Different Health Benefits from CBD for PTSD

A person who uses CBD can enjoy health benefits such as:

  • Prevention of seizures
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve mood
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduce nausea
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Promotes calmness and relaxation
  • Promotes mental clarity

How Safe is CBD for PTSD?

Safety is always a concern when taking CBD. The supplement is safe to use as long as it is taken properly. It has no side effects and does not have any known drug interactions so the patient can be sure that they will not experience any complications when using it.

It is then important to consider the dose that you are taking. The CBD dosage must be based on the individual’s weight, height, and age. The proper dose will guarantee a safe and effective way of using CBD.

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How Much CBD for PTSD Should You Take?

If you are unsure of how much CBD you should take, you can go with the smallest dose first. This will allow you to measure the effects before you increase your intake later. You should take the exact amount that is recommended by experts for this type of treatment. The smallest dose will begin to take effect after about 30 minutes and can last for up to 4 hours.

The right amount of CBD dosage may depend on different factors like age, weight, and physical condition. This is why it is recommended to follow the dosage instructions on the package or ask the physician about what dosage regimen would be best for your specific case.

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THC or CBD for PTSD: Which Should You Take?

There can be a lot of products for PTSD that you can find in the market. If you are unaware of what you need, you might get confused with which one to buy. There are PTSD products that contain THC while others have CBD.

Choosing between the two can be complicated, especially if you are not yet familiar with the technicalities behind them. For PTSD patients who have gone through THC treatments in the past, it would be ideal for them to take CBD products that contain no THC at all. This is because pure CBD does not give that “high” feeling that will make the patient uncomfortable. With no THC present, CBD can then work without any issues.

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Which CBD for PTSD Products Will Work Best for You?

If choosing between THC and CBD for PTSD is complicated for you, it can also be confusing on which product to choose for your condition. There are various CBD products that you can choose from. They come in different types, forms, brands, and uses. Different CBD products include:

  • CBD oil for PTSD
  • CBD vape liquid for PTSD
  • CBD edible treats for PTSD
  • CBD pills for PTSD
  • Tinctures (drops)

You can consider the form of the product to help you make a decision on which will work best. Creams, patches, and topicals are also available. You can use these CBD products that you can rub onto your skin.

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In Summary

PTSD is not an easy condition to go through. It is also not easy to treat it and go back to your normal self again. This is why treatment should be taken as soon as possible. CBD for PTSD helps in the treatment of the condition by calming and relaxing the mind and body of the person suffering from PTSD.

In any case, you need CBD, make sure that you grab the best product for yourself. It is also better if you can consult a doctor first so you will know the best way to achieve maximum results from it.