Snow Lotus Weed Strain Review: Benefits and Effects

Snow Lotus, popularly known as Goohead, is a Bodhi Seeds Indica hybrid. Afgooey and the powerful Blockhead were crossed to create this cannabis strain. Snow Lotus has been found to have a THC concentration of up to 25%. The plant has brown-green leaves with little clustered buds. It has a diesel-like odor when burned and produces a very smooth smoke.

Snow Lotus is a fantastic alternative for daytime use because it has low couch-lock and a strong stimulating effect. It’s a strain that’s used to treat pain and anxiety. This strain’s relaxing benefits are beneficial to people who are depressed. Snow Lotus is best suited to advanced users.

Snow Lotus Strain: What is It?

Snow Lotus is an Indica hybrid cultivated by Bodhi Seeds, a well-known breeder. It’s a mobile, mellow high that comes from crossing the highly resinous Afgooey with the strong Blockhead.

Snow Lotus’ high comes on swiftly, and users report being taken aback by the sudden intoxication. An initial mental focus calms a racing or nervous mind. The strain has a well-rounded high with little couchlock, thanks to a mild body buzz. Despite its high THC content, Snow Lotus aficionados claim that the high is less likely to cause paranoia. This is an appealing alternative for daytime use due to the general energized sensation.

However, looking at its ancestors explains this. Its progenitor, the Indica-leaning Afgooey, provides a mentally stimulating high that promotes happiness and innovative thinking. Meanwhile, the potent Blockhead provides a tremendous body buzz.

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Snow Lotus strain is the perfect complement to its impressive effects. Its buds have a pungent, musky herbal scent that reminds me of incense. It’s accompanied by the pungent scent of damp earth. An intriguing skunky aroma is emitted when the buds are broken up.


Snow Lotus’ smoke has an oddly chemical flavor. Once the flavor is sucked in, though, sweet citrus soon counteracts it. The taste of pine stays in your mouth after you exhale.


Snow Lotus buds are often tiny and crowded. The Afghan lineage shows in the brown-green leaves, which have an ice coating of trichomes. When buds are split up or pulverized, the flowers have an earthy stink and an ammonia sting that becomes stronger. When burned, it emits a gasoline odor, making it a less discreet strain. Snow Lotus’ smoke is quite smooth, despite its diesel-like properties. The taste is flowery and crisp on exhale, almost like hops.

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Snow Lotus Grow Information

Snow Lotus strain is a relatively easy plant to grow thanks to its genes. It has robust and short stalks, as well as strong branches that develop laterally. All of these factors contribute to its resistance to rapid temperature reductions or weather changes, as long as nothing is too dramatic. As a result, newcomers can grow the strain.

Its tiny stature adds to its allure. The plant may easily be grown and propagated inside because it does not take up a lot of room. Snow Lotus should be pruned frequently by aspiring gardeners.

Growing Challenges

However, Bodhi Seeds has only made Snow Lotus seeds available in their conventional form. Growers might use germination techniques like presoaking or planting additional seeds to encourage a higher male to female ratio. Low-Stress Training (LST) will prevent the mature female plant from becoming a hermaphrodite.

Flowering Period

Indoor flowering takes 7 to 9 weeks for Snow Lotus. It produces 10 to 12 ounces of resin-filled buds per square meter when ready to harvest. However, using the Sea of Green technique will result in a higher turnout.

Snow Lotus blooms around the last week of September in most gardens. It can sometimes last until the second or third week of October. Regardless, each plant yields more than 12 ounces of gorgeous buds.

THC Content, and CBD Content

Snow Lotus has 21 – 25% THC content while it only has 0.1% CBD. The little percentage of CBD present in this strain makes it challenging to use in different medical conditions. This is why taking the right dose will help you get the utmost effects that you need from it.

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Medical Benefits

The constant barrage of stress often hastens the onset of depression. It can smother those who are suffering from it with negative ideas and low self-esteem if left untreated. Snow Lotus is quite good at alleviating such problems. Its euphoric high soothes the psyche and alleviates the anxiety that commonly accompanies both problems.

THC levels in Snow Lotus are strong enough to help with a range of bodily ailments. It is a natural pain reliever that relieves a variety of aches and pains, starting with the temples. It also reduces redness and swelling thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Snow Lotus strain can also be used as an appetite stimulant. Because its effects make people hungry, it’s a good strain to use right before a meal. It’s also a viable option for people suffering from restrictive eating disorders who want to reclaim their health.

Adverse Reactions

Cottonmouth is usually invariably the result of eating Snow Lotus. Users are likely to have red eyes as a result of cannabis blocking the generation of moisture in the tear ducts. Neither is a cause for alarm, but if the symptoms linger, a glass of water should suffice.

Some users may feel dizzy for a short period of time. It can create a condition known as ‘greening out,’ in which the chemical components in marijuana overstimulate the senses, generate anxiety, and cause nausea in high dosages. Fortunately, this is an uncommon event. Still, it’s preferable to either quit smoking or cut back on how much you smoke.

Final Thoughts

This strain is a mood enhancer. It should be able to make its users feel light and happy. However, taking it in small amounts will help your body adjust to its effects. As you increase your intake, you can also see which dose will give you the best results.

The Snow Lotus strain can provide benefits to users who abide by the right dose. Keep in mind that this has high THC content. Excessive dose intake will lead to unwanted effects.

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